Preparing for day surgery & before you come in

Your comfort and wellbeing are our top priority. Preparing for surgery can be stressful, we are here to ensure that your experience with us is as stress-free and pleasant as possible. If you have any questions at all about preparing for surgery, your consultant will discuss it with you and you can chat to us at any time. 

How it works

We hope that this guide will provide you with helpful information and prepare you for your surgery. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of personal healthcare to each and every one of our patients.

Your appointment

You will be greeted by a member of our nursing team for your appointment. After your procedure you can relax in a private recovery room, offering a comfortable and safe environment for your appointment and recovery care. 

Your appointment includes a comprehensive nursing assessment, recording of vital signs, and any necessary blood tests or investigations. Our consultant surgeon and consultant anaesthetist will discuss the surgery and anaesthetic with you, outlining the risks and benefits and answering any questions you may have.

This is called the consent process, and your written consent is required before going for your procedure or surgery. 

At JACE Medical, we strive to deliver personalised care and treatment tailored to your individual needs. Our clinical team is here to ensure that you receive the best possible care, and we encourage you to actively engage with the team.


At JACE Medical, we want to make sure that your surgery goes smoothly and you achieve the best possible outcome. To help ensure this, we ask that you follow these guidelines before your appointment.

For your safety, our medical team needs to know about all the medication you are currently taking, including both prescribed and over-the- counter drugs.

Please bring all your medication, including packaging on the day of appointment. You may receive written instructions about your medication during your pre-operative assessment, so please make sure to follow any directions from our medical team.


If you have any questions about stopping your medication, please consult your GP for advice.

If you are taking blood thinning medication you may need to stop it temporarily before your procedure. Please contact either your GP or JACE Private Clinic on +44 (0) 28 7116 5790 prior to your appointment for more information.

General preparations

Preparation for your appointment

It is important to follow all preoperative fasting instructions provided before your appointment, failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your surgery.

Please refer to the fasting guidelines included in this guide for more information.

Avoid alcohol consumption for 24-48 hours prior to your appointment. If you need further guidance, please consult with your GP.

Quitting smoking is strongly recommended, and support is available on request. Please note that JACE Medical operates a strict smoke-free policy, which also applies to e-cigarettes and vaping.

Make sure to inform us about all the medications you are taking and follow the advice of your consultant or GP, particularly if you are taking blood thinning medication or oral contraception.


Arrange for a family member or friend to accompany you home after discharge and plan for any necessary post-discharge support, especially if you live alone. If you require any specialised services or equipment, including an interpreter, please inform us beforehand.

Before you come in for day surgery

Remove all types of jewellery, including rings from fingers and toes, chains/necklaces, bracelets, bangles, and religious/sacred medals

Remove hair extensions such as "micro-loop" (Metal bead) hair extensions

Take out contact lenses

Avoid using nail polish or gel nails

Remove any watches

Remove spacers

Do not wear make-up

It is essential to follow these instructions to prevent any burns, choking or other injuries to both patients and staff. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your surgery being cancelled.