Complaints procedures

At JACE Private Clinic, we are dedicated to providing exceptional patient care and we value your feedback in helping us appraise and enhance the quality of service we offer. However, we understand that sometimes, things may not go exactly as planned.

Our complaints procedure

Our Complaints Policy is designed to support patients, their families, and our staff in addressing any concerns that may arise. All complaints received are treated with confidentiality and our goal is to resolve them effectively and efficiently. We strive to resolve all complaints in a prompt and efficient manner. 

If you have any complaints or concerns, we encourage you to bring them to our attention as soon as possible. Early resolution leads to greater satisfaction with the complaints process. You can speak to any of our staff members and if they are unable to assist you, the complaint will be escalated to the appropriate manager for further resolution. 

How to lodge a complaint, concern, or feedback

We value your feedback, and you may be asked to participate in a patient satisfaction survey after your treatment to share your experience with us.

Patients also have the opportunity to voice their feedback verbally to members of staff during their time in the clinic. Feedback may also be lodged verbally by contacting our customer support phone number +44 (0) 28 7116 5790 during office hours.

In addition, you can also lodge your complaint in writing if you prefer. This can be done by emailing us at at any time. You can leave feedback via social media direct message, or by leaving a review on Google or Trustpilot. QR codes are available in the clinic to bring you directly to leave a Google review for JACE Medical.

Patients are also welcome to lodge their complaints by posting a letter to the following address: JACE Medical, The Vale Centre, Greysteel, Derry, BT47 3GE.

Some of these methods offer an opportunity for patients to leave feedback anonymously if they prefer. Anonymous complaints and concerns will be investigated in the same manner as those from identified persons, provided that sufficient information is supplied to suggest that there is validity to the complaint.

If you are a NHS patient and are dissatisfied with the resolution of your complaint, you have the right to refer it to the Trust that referred you and the ombudsman. You may also contact the Patient Client Council for assistance.

How will my complaint be handled?

In the case that your complaint is urgent and it poses an immediate risk to safety, or minor and informal complaints, staff will address these as soon as feasibly possible if within their scope to do so. If it is not within their scope to do so, they will escalate it to an appropriate member of management who is capable of handling the situation. Immediate resolution is particularly important in the case of verbal or in person feedback.

Informal complaints are usually considered as those made verbally, or those that can be resolved simply and quickly and that do not pose a risk to health and safety. Informal complaints should always be passed on to the complaints manager so they are made aware and may identify any possible trends but will not be logged in our patient feedback and complaints register. 

Formal complaints, which are considered complaints of a more serious nature. If they are written or pose a risk to health and safety, they will be logged by our complaints manager in our internal ‘patient feedback and complaint register. If there has already been a resolution, this will also be recorded alongside the outcome.

All feedback and complaints in this register will be reviewed at the weekly management meeting. This ensures that we can continuously learn from patient feedback and adapt our procedures to better meet the needs of our patients. The company can also use this time to identify any trends or hazards and eliminate them as soon as possible. This process ensures that no complaint or feedback is missed and will be dealt with appropriately. Formal investigations will be conducted where necessary, and appropriate action will always be taken.

Complaints should be responded within 20 working days at the latest. If the complaint is being dealt with under the formal complaint process and it is possible to do so, a written response will be issued to the person who made the complaint upon its resolution. If deemed necessary, this individual may be contacted prior to the final response to further discuss the issue. This response aims to answer all questions and issues raised, be open and honest in explaining why the situation occurred, and where possible, include the action taken or proposed to resolve the complaint. If the person making the complaint is still not satisfied, an attempt will be made to review and resolve the complaint.

For more information on our complaint procedure, please feel free to contact us. Please note that the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) is a regulatory body and will not be involved in the resolution of complaints but will be notified of any breaches of regulations or standards and will take appropriate action if necessary.